Events in Rome

Vatican Museums Friday

All Summer 2016
The world class artworks at the Vatican Museums just become even more attractive, accompanied with amazing melodies of Beethoven and Bach. All Summer long, every Friday, you can enjoy the museums until midnight, booking a late reservation, fully wandering the halls of the masterpiece.

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The Moon above Colosseo

The high season in Rome has started, so are the great events, you can enjoy the Moon above the Colosseum now. It has started already, lasting until the 29th of October, from 20.10 until midnight . You will enjoy the charming atmosphere that only Colosseum can offer, accompanied by moon. Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Foro Romano Night opening

Starting from the 21st of April until 27th of September, you will have a special opportunity to see the open air museums during the night, starting from 20.15 until midnight, every Friday!


Rome’s Marathon

Sponsored by Acea, Maratona di Roma, falling into Jubilee Edition, on Sunday April 10th 2016. Maratona di Roma will have all the passages of the race in the historic center of the capital, do not miss this unique opportunity!

Birthday of Rome

 Every year, on the April 21st, is celebrated the Natale di Roma, built by Romulus back in 753 BC. Rome’s sky will be covered by colorful fireworks, Gladiator's shows at the Colosseum and so much more, on this day all the museums and parks are free!

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Relais Monti


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